Perspectives of truth.

On my way to college, I commute through bus every day. As always I started noticing people and empty seats in the bus. Though I do this everyday there is some constant fear in me that I need to be careful and always had that fearful emotion within me. On one particular day I took a seat next to 50 years old man. As a girl I was kind of shy to initiate conversations and later i smiled to that man. He started talking to me why did you make such face, do you fear for something? Does anyone bother you? I said “no” and smiled. That man asked me what subject are you majoring in? I said computer science. I raised a question to him what is your life about and what exactly you do as an occupation. He said answer very vaguely that he graduated,divorced and few. When I kept asking him in detail about his major he said I started my Engineering but couldn’t graduate because he had divorce issues and that made his life a lot of distractions so he quit studying.

I asked him what does he do now for life?

He said I am operator for trains and this bus operator is my trainee. Earlier I was computer operator and it dint make me happy anymore so quit that job and took this up. He asked me if I liked the school i was attending because he personally dint like it. When asked for reasons he said they dint let me to be the way he wanted to be. Physics teacher expected me to think the way she wanted, Arts and English people also did the same for me. I always wanted to study the way i wanted. For some question in arts due to the truth he felt it about one question in his way made him get bad grade because his teacher dint like his truth and she believed about her truth. This is why I hated who teach in such own perspectives he said.

At the end he said though I am divorced, fucked up my whole life, quit my studies I am still happy the life I am leading now. I want to save some good amount of money and go back to college and complete my Engineering and get graduated for real. My son got graduated earlier than me and someday even I will be graduated it all just takes time and patience to get what we really want, this is why I always believed in hope and I will do it for ever.

While I was about to exit from bus he said me good luck for everything you want to do in your life and be a brave girl.

I walked through the grass to my class and thought whatever he said me was his own perspective of the truth he felt. My last thoughts about him were not about what he said was truth or lie, it was all about hope in this life we dream for.